Friday, August 7, 2015

New tweets, Instagram post, new event in Arizona!! + Mexico photos, MyDearWriter tweets some interesting things, randomness, BEGIN. & Crush anniversary!

Love the hashtags! LOL!

David has a new event on March 26th!

And it's legit!

Go HERE to check out the venue! Exciting stuff!!

A blog posted some more photos from David's trip to Mexico!


A couple videos of David speaking in Spanish! Cannot embed videos, so go HERE and HERE to watch each!

MyDearWriter and Kari have been posting some interesting tweets over the past few days...

Hmmm... Sure hope something comes out of this! Excited!

Crush 7 year anniversary was on Sunday!

7 years ago Crush was premiered on Z100! Crazy!

Also, today is BEGIN.'s 3 year anniversary!

Wow! Hard to believe!

And, finally, randomness!

Some lovely art!


Plus, J14 posts David's Instagram photo & posts a slideshow of David throughout the years!

Click the caps to head over!

Lastly, AOL posted an article 'Relive the glory days of 'American Idol' with its 15 greatest performances;' Imagine is in the list!

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