Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tweets, Instagram posts, new trend, pictures from Mexico! + new photoshoot!?, Crush, new event & randomness!

Love the recent Instagram posts!! Twist Magazine made a lovely post regarding Davids picture!

David went to Mexico this past weekend for a conference; we got pictures!

Go HERE for more pictures!

Plus, a lovely video of David meeting fans!


Looks like David did a new photoshoot!

Credit to k80moore. Kate Moore was the photographer for Begin.! Hmmm.... Exciting stuff!!

New trend on Friday!

Be sure to add "Archie Fever" to your tweets!

New event in Texas?

David's booking agency  posted another event this morning.

You can get your tickets this Friday!

Woo! Click the cap for the link.

A giant billboard promoting David's upcoming concerts was seen in Utah!

How cool is that!?

A little late to noticing, but Ivory Music posted a lyric video to Forevermore on their Youtube!


Some pictures of David in the recording studio with Stephanie Mabey:


Plus, some photos of David out and about & with friends!


And, lastly, some randomness!

Not sure why, but a Throwback Thursday photo and video of David meeting Lady Gaga have been circulating the media!

Click the image to head over.

New Aladdin movie in the works?

Well, I know my Disney heart would kill for David to have some kind of part in this! Who's with me?

Crush has almost reached 50 million views!!

Holy heck!

David's gold plaque!


David stopped by Gigi's Cupcakes the other day and they tweeted him!

Thanks to FOD for the cap.

Finally, hearing David out and about!


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