Saturday, August 22, 2015

Time Out For Women updates + more!

As many of you know, David performed in Australia and New Zealand for TOFW!

First, The Shire?

LOL! How cool is that!?

Also, before we get into the TOFW updates, new video + BYU seating added!

2,000 seats have been added to one of David's BYU shows!


David did a performance in New Zealand!

Go HERE to read and article regarding the video + some pictures!

Here are some tweets and videos from the Australian show!

And some short clips!

Click each cap to watch the clips!

Plus, Youtube videos!

Credit to Shanny Alexander. Head over to her channel for more incredible performances!

New Zealand updates! 

David sang Pride and Be Still My Soul!

Not too many videos from this performance yet, but plenty of pictures!

Click below the cut for LOADS of pictures from both events!


New Zealand:

Not sure who to credit for all these pictures as I lost track, so if they're yours, let us know!

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