Sunday, November 19, 2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Good Things Utah from September, Invincible lyric video + a couple interviews!

David's appearance on Good Things Utah from a couple months ago!


Plus this beautiful official lyric video for 'Invincible'! 


David recently did two interviews that are definitely worth the read!

Philippines video round up + some lovely photos!

Collection of everything from the Philippines!

Starting with David's performance!

Be sure to click the user above each video for all of their videos!


Plus some photos! 

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Twitter update!

Behind once again so here's a post with all of David's Twitter updates that we missed!

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Instagram & Instagram Stories update!

The wonderful @trentdabbs . So here's the story with him: Trent took part in writing 3 songs on the new album with me: "Say Me," "Other Things in Sight," and "Numb." If I'm not mistaken, Trent may have been the first person I met with in Nashville to start writing when I got back from my mission. That first day we met the idea for "Say Me" came about. We needed a little extra inspiration after we had the first verse, and so called up writer/producer Jeremy Bose and went over to his studio to finish the song. The same trio for "Say Me" brought the throwback groovin' "Other Things in Sight." Speaking to Trent that first day helped me realize I could speak about how important my mission was and to keep that change in me incorporated in my life and keep it going. The most pivotal writing moment I've had so far was probably with Trent and producer/writer @jskenney writing "Numb" where I realized I could incorporate those changes not only into my personal life, but into my music. When I wanted to quit on music to stay away from a place that left me feeling so empty before, speaking with Trent and Jamie helped me realize God could be a part of every moment and everything that I did, and there were people like them I could team up with to make it happen. Working with Trent was the beginning of me finding that I could be heard speaking up about what mattered most to me, and that my own voice was important. Thanks Trent for being a positive influence in this journey I've been on the past few years! Thanks for listening to how important spirituality and God being a part of everything I do is to me, and helping me find a way to express that in music. #storytime #postcardsinthesky #songwriting #trentdabbs
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Archies!

Have a safe & fun holiday to all those who celebrate!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Social media major round up!

Apologies for the lack of updates here at Something Bout Archie! Time to catch up on some of what we've missed!

Although we have missed a lot posting wise, I figured I would make a compilation post off ALL of David's social media postings! Some may be quite old news, but I figured I'd post them anyway!

Head below the cut to view all of David's social media updates!