Tuesday, July 29, 2014

USO tour round up!

Been collecting things over the past week, so here's a final USO tour round up! Plus more!

Firstly, David's recent tweets!

David also posted a new written blog on his site!

Click the image to head over to David's site and read his blog!

Next, David also posted some photos on Instagram:


On another note, how about some tweets!? Here are a round up of tweets found here and there; including a Retweet from SJR and a photo from Costa Rica!


Moving on, here are videos found from the USO tour!

Plus some Instagram videos, aslo:

Can't embed Instagram videos, so click the images to watch!

On another note! Dean Kaelin & Jason Hewlett posted more blogs on their final days! 

Go HERE, HERE and HERE to read Dean Kaelin's last blogs! 

And go HERE and HERE for Jason Hewlett's!

Tons of lovely photos on their blogs, as well, so be sure to check um out!

Lastly, on the USO tour subject, some photos!

Not sure who to credit, so credit goes to the owners! If they're yours, let us know!

And finally, David's 'A Thousand Miles' was included in a 'Top 20 Piano & Voices Songs' video!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

David went to David Cook's concert tonight!

So, apparently David went to David Cook's concert in Sandy, Utah tonight!! There's photos + tweets!

Woo! Feels like old times! All credit goes to the owners of the photos.

Also, a video had surfaced! Can't embed, so go HERE to view it! 

Word is, other people have more videos, so stay tuned! We'll post as they come up!

UPDATE: More videos + pictures from the concert!

First of all, have a nice HD video of the performance!

Also, some other fun videos from the show! Credit goes to the owners:

There were also some videos from Instagram, as well!

Click the images to head over and watch the videos!

Next, some lovely photos from 'Rockstar's Girlfriend Photography'!

Click the image above to see more photos!

On another note, some tweets + photos from the concert and a tweet from David!


Lastly, a lovely Gif posted by Rhiminee on tumblr!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More from the USO Tour!

Firstly, David tweets!

Next on tonight's list, pictures, pictures and more pictures!

And some LOVELY HQ photos from Regional Command East:

Go HERE for more M&G photos!

And go HERE for TONS of performance photos!

Next, a full video of 'Bring Him Home' was posted!


On Another note, Dean Kaelin posted two more blogs on their adventures. Click each image to head over and read each post!

To close this post, David sent a sweet message to a fan!

Can't embed the video, so go HERE to view it!