Wednesday, April 22, 2015

UVU event, tweets, pictures, Idol, Meet The Mormons & more!

Per usual, David's tweets and instagram posts!

This past week David attended and gave a speech at UVU college!

Here are some tweets via UVU's twitter regarding David's speech:


Plus, some videos, as well!

Rochelle Dawn:








Plus, an instagram video:

Click the image to view the video!

And, lastly on the UVU subject, some pictures!

Not sure who to credit for most of the photos, but found a lot HERE.

See David live!

Click the cap to head over to David's site!

Writing sessions with LadyV + time with friends!


Meet the Mormons DVD is out now! Including a behind the scenes look at Glorious!

Go HERE to see more screen caps of the BTS & purchase your copy HERE to own it!

Interfaith DVD is on the way!

After not hearing about it for a while, I was beginning to think we wouldn't be getting it. So, good to know!

American Idol Stars: Where Are They Now? & A reason to smile!

Click the tweet to head over to TV Guide's site and read the article!


I agree!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tweets, clarification, new events, Kari tweets, pictures + more!

Hello, all!

Firstly, David posts some clarification for one of the quotes he posted this past weekend:


As usual, David's tweets and Instagram posts!

Click the image above to watch David's hilarious IG video! LOL!

Events, events & another event!

David will be performing in Tuacahn, Utah on November 7th!

Go HERE to check out the beautiful amphitheater! WOW!

The concert sold out in less than 12 hours with very little promotion! Now THAT, is impressive!

Go HERE to check out an article talking about the performance selling out.

Due to such an overwhelming response to David's event, they're expanding to two!

Wow! Incredible!

John Ondrasik (lead singer for Five For Fighting) replied to David's tweet!

Also, there was another event announced for September 19th in Layton, Utah:

Woo! Keep watching HERE for ticket updates. We'll let you know when and where you can purchase them.

Not sure if it is a part of this, but seems pretty likely!

All three events were confirmed and posted on David official site:

There was another event that popped up over the past few days!

Go HERE to purchase tickets! This event is yet to be confirmed by David or his team, so we will keep you updated as of when they say David will be attending, or if he will not.

Kari talks the November 7th event & future events!

Exciting stuff!

Plus, Team Archie posted this on David's Facebook!

Can't wait!

Billboard made a post of artists recently signing to labels, booking agencies, etc. David is mentioned!

Click the image above to head over to Billboard.

Now, onto some randomness to close this post!

To start off, some pictures!


Plus, some new old pictures from David's time in Asia 2012!

Thanks to rhiminee for posting! Go HERE for more! Scroll to the bottom for other albums!


Interesting! Hopefully we find out more soon!

David was mentioned in When in Manila's '10 Amazing Non-Filipino Performers Who Have Performed Filipino Songs' list:

Click the image to head over!

Crush was #1 on Cambodia iTunes Top 20 Songs the other day! Cool!

David is featured in J14's 'Tus Famosos Favoritos Que Adoran a Selena Quintanilla,' translating to 'Your Favorite Celebrities That They adore Selena Quintanilla!'

Click the image to head over!

Plus, a lovely drawining by @ascphil!


And, finally, two videos to close this post:

Synergistic Studios posted a video to 'Something 'Bout Love' with a bunch of new old photos from David's solo tour!


Plus, a cool Synopsis of Chords Of Strength!