Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More from the USO Tour!

Firstly, David tweets!

Next on tonight's list, pictures, pictures and more pictures!

And some LOVELY HQ photos from Regional Command East:

Go HERE for more M&G photos!

And go HERE for TONS of performance photos!

Next, a full video of 'Bring Him Home' was posted!


On Another note, Dean Kaelin posted two more blogs on their adventures. Click each image to head over and read each post!

To close this post, David sent a sweet message to a fan!

Can't embed the video, so go HERE to view it!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New written Blog!

David posted a new written blog!

MEGA post of USO Tour tidbits + more!

To start of tonight's post, here are all of David's recent tweets!

Before I get into the USO tour buzz, David would seen in Costa Rica and they said he was filming a music video! Woo!

Interesting! Can't wait!

Moving onto the USO Tour, David photos are being posted left and right in the twitter-verse! Get ready for a ton!


Plus, SJR posted a #TBT photo!

While we are in the twitter-verse, here are some more tweets about David!

Hmmm... Interesting!

Jason Hewlett in response to fans asking for videos:

Hopefully we'll get some later on!

On another note, trending topic on the horizon!

Moving on, here are a plethora of photos from the past week!

 Woo! Now that's what I call photos! You may also go HERE and HERE for more! All credit goes to the owners.

Dean, Dan & Jason have posted quite a few blogs since our last post, so I'm going to categorize them by the USO Tour stops. Click the links to view!


Dean 1, Dean 2 & Dan.

There was only one blog from Kuwait by Jason Hewlett.

Dan Clark also posted a few videos from the trip, as well!

He also posted a video on Facebook. Can't embed, so go HERE to view!

There was also a video of Crush posted! 

Click the image to watch!

That's a warp for now with the USO Tour! Keep checking back for more updates!

Now, moving onto another note, David's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' was played on a Korean drama!


Also, David's Facebook posted a widget to track upcoming concerts:

Click the tweet to track!

And finally, a lovely fan art!

Wow! Found on FOD.