Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NEW song! + tweets, so many 7's, picture & more!

First off, David posted a quote and an event reminder!

Go HERE to find out more info about the concert in September!


A while back we had some info on David recording a song for an EFY album; the song has arrived!

Go HERE to put in the code and download your free copy!

Woo! Beautiful! Apparently, David wrote the song with Stephanie Mabey, writer of Glorious!

How many 7's?

What!? How cool is that!

Thanks to rhimmie for bringing this to our attention via tumblr!

David went to a concert this past week + most popular boy names!


Check out the two most popular boy names in 1960!

Love that it is David AND James! Click the image for the source.

7 years ago today...

The American Idol Season finale aired! 

Hard to believe it's been 7 years since the David vs. David finale! Go HERE to watch all the finale performances!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Farewell to American Idol, David mentions + events!

As I'm sure everyone is well aware now, American Idol has announced it will have its' 15th and finale season next year. Will forever be grateful to the show that brought David into all our lives!

With all the talk about Idol, that leads to David mentions!

Here's a taste:

I, unfortunately, lost some of the links I had prepared for this post. But David was mentioned many times! 

Also, Billboard posted 'Top 100 'American Idol' Hits of All Time;' Crush is at #21!

Click the cap above to head over and check out the article.

On the next last subject for this post, more events!

Woo! I am loving these double shows! Which have both already sold out. 

Also, click the pic below to learn more about the events!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy David Archuleta Day!

7 years ago today, the Utah Mayor declared today 
David Archuleta Day!

Hard to believe it's been 7 years since this happened! Do any of you do anything special for David Archuleta Day? Let us know in the comments or send us a tweet to @SBArchie_site!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Another performance announced! + more close up UVU videos, Idol, trending topic & more!

Kari's Birthday was this past week! David tweeted her a lovely message:

Thanks to rhimmie for the screen caps.

New event announced!

Click the last image for more info on where to buy tickets! But hurry! They're ALREADY almost sold out! That is INCREDIBLE! 

Plus, go HERE to read more about the event and about David selling out. A record for the venue!

Trending topic!

Be sure to include 'Shine On David Archuleta' to your tweets!

More UVU videos!



They showed the David's on the most recent Idol!

Idol also posted a video to their youtube:

Always love a chance to get to see David on TV!

Plus, a small mention of David in Billboards article 'When 'American Idol' Hits Home: A Tribute to Jax and East Brunswick, New Jersey'

Also, while we're still on the Idol subject, David made #9 in the '14 Awesomest American Idol Albums' on The Hollywood Gossip!

Click the image to head over!

And, lastly, thanks to FOD, these insanely cool water notes!

Monday, May 4, 2015


Tweets, sold out event! + pictures, writing session, more UVU updates, Kari, & more!

First off, David's tweets!

Click the tweet above to watch the Aladdin video David tweeted!

Event tweets!

Firstly, the Layton, Utah event for September is SOLD OUT!

Sold out and not to mention in nearly a half hour! WOW! Incredible!

Also, two more events coming in Idaho?

No news on David's site yet as to whether or not these are confirmed, (seems likely, as they are posted on David's booking agency page) but keep checking back HERE on David's site.

New interview from David's performance at RootsTech!

Click the tweet above to listen to the interview!

Meet the Mormons will be premiering in Chile! Thanks to FOD for finding this!

Wow! What a lovely surprise! Hope we will get the full version when the movie hits theaters.

A few new close up videos from the UVU event have surfaced!

Also, a write up on David's speech at the UVU College! Go HERE to check it out.



Plus a couple more photos from the event!

Go HERE to check out more! Gorgeous photo!

Lastly, randomness!

A few pictures!

Cute! Click the top photo for a larger version.

'13 Stars who are extremely religious;' David is #4!

Click the image to head over to their site and read the small write up!

Yahoo Music's Lyndsey Parker was talking about Idol and mentioned David! Can't embed the video, so go HERE to check it out. David is mentioned around the 6:37 mark.

Also, Kari was talking to some fans!

Interesting. A leak of the video has been spread around the fandom, but we will not post it until it is officially released.

Lastly, David had a writing session! Plus, anyone remember this?

Can't wait to hear this new music!

I was going through Kari's tweets & I was reminded of the content we were supposed to get from the 'Rising Start Outreach' performance with Lexi:

Hmm... Hopefully something will still come of this!