Monday, November 23, 2015

Tweets & Instagrams! + videos & pictures from Texas, interviews, articles & some randomness, of course!


First up, how about some videos from Texas courtesy of Shelley!

Security was harsh for the Texas concerts, so these are mostly audio. Still great, nonetheless!

Pictures from this event will be posted under the cut!

David did some interviews over the past week or so!


 Won't let me embed this sound cloud interview, so go HERE to listen!

Click the images below to check out the interviews & articles!

Information on the DAC concerts in December! 

Both shows sold out in less than 10 hours!!!


MyDearWriter posts an awfully interesting Instagram post...

I like the sound of that!!

A couple of fan photos before we close!

Love it!

Go behind the cut to see a bunch of photos from the Texas show!

Not sure who to credit, if the photos are yours, let us know and you will be credited!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sign David's Birthday card!

David's 25th Birthday is coming up in a few months! Click the image to sign!

Shelley has been making these amazing cards to give to David over the years, but this year will be the last. Be sure to sign it while you still can and thank Shelley for taking the time to make these over the years!

Tweets & Instagram posts, bunches of Tuacahn videos and pictures! + interview, download Glorious in Spanish & some randomness!


Click David's tweet below to get your free download of Glorious in Spanish!!

Make sure to get your download before the time is up!

Now, some videos and a view pictures from the Tuacahn events!

Thanks to Shelley for all the videos!

Night 1:


 Don't Give Up


Don't Run Away


 Tarzan Medley




 You'll Be In My Heart


 A Little Too Not Over You, Elevator, & Touch My Hand Medley


 My Kind of Perfect


 Nunca Pense




 Night 2:

Unfortunately, we only got a couple audio videos from the second show. Thanks to the awesome Shelley for getting them!



 Don't Give Up


Everybody Hurts


Woo! Enjoy!

Some sweet photos of David with a fan!


Also, check out Rhiminee's awesomeage recap!

David did a lovely interview with Spencer Bennett the other day!

Love hearing his voice!

How about some randomness before all the pictures from the Tuacahn events!

David went to a hospital and sang for Alec, a mountain biker who got into an accident recently.

So sweet!

Happy 7 year anniversary to David's debut album!

Hard to believe it's been that long!!

'American Idol Stars: Where are they now?;' David's #14!

Click the image to read the article!


How cool is that!?

Click read more to check out the plethora of pictures from the Tuacahn shows! 

Once again, in the midst of collecting I forgot who each photo belonged to, so if it's yours, let us know and we'll credit you!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Archies!

Hope everyone has a safe, fun Halloween!!

Tweets & Instagram posts galore! + Performance videos, Kari speaks, a Spanish interview & some randomness!

Woo! That boy has been talking up a storm!

Onto videos!

Thanks a ton to pattycake04 for all the videos!


Plus, a couple interviews!


Deseret posted a few lovely pictures along with an article regarding this event!

Go HERE to read the article!

Check out the rest of the photos found around from this event after the cut!

Some interesting tidbits from Kari!

Disappointed about the Celebration of Christ DVD, but the other two tweets sound exciting!!

A little randomness before this post comes to a close.

One of David's upcoming concerts was in a newspaper!


Possible Grammy nom consideration? 

Thanks to FOD for the heads up.

Youtuber Tyler Oakley recently released a book and guess who he mentioned! Go HERE to read what he said about David! 

Season 7 throwback!

Love it!

And, lastly, Crush has reached over 50 MILLIONS views!


Click below the cut for tons of photos from this past performance!

Lost track of who to credit, so if a photo is yours, let us know and you will be credited!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tweets & Instagram posts, pictures, audio from Miami! + Christmas shows & more!

Words from the man himself first, of course!


Sadly, we didn't get too much from Miami, but we got a few snippets and some audio!

Also, a video from facebook and one from Kari!

Click each cap to watch!

David is inviting you to see him in Texas!

Click the cap to watch!

New Christmas shows!

Go HERE to find out more information! Woo!

FOD posted a newly found music video for Nunca Pense in Portuguese! What!?

Cool! It also includes new clips!

Onto photos! Here are some photos from David's adventures lately:

Love the last photo especially!

Also, Sounds of David posted a TON of lovely photos from David's concerts in BYU!

Go HERE to check out the rest!

Thank you card for Kari!

Click the picture to sign her card and to let Kari know how much we appreciate her!

And, finally, a little randomness to close the post!

David Archuleta?

LOL! That's David Cook for ya!

Also and finally, Christmas From the Heart has moved up the charts!

Wow! That's incredible!