Friday, December 12, 2014

'Angels from the Realms of Glory' free download! + Christmas music, mentions, tweets, tbt & some randomness!

Let's start off the post with David's most recent tweet, of course!

Now, onto some music!

Download 'Angels from the Realms of Glory' for FREE!

Absolutely beautiful!

Click the image above to download your copy! Music video will be posted tomorrow!

Next on tonight's list, some random Christmas and non Christmas related mentions!

Firstly, Billboard posted about David's performance of 'Do You Hear What I Hear'!

Secondly, 'Joy to the World' from MoTab was listed as #10 on 'Top 10 Christmas carols'!

And finally, an article was posted regarding the Pro Bowl and they mentioned David's performance from 2009!

Click on all the links to head over to the articles!

On another note, David's hairstylist from the Nandito Ako days shared a few photos!

Go HERE for the source. 

And, lastly, some randomness to finalize this post! 

First, some fun trivia!

Go HERE to see the answers! Fun! Thanks to The Voice for posting.

Plus, what the random!?


We'll be back tomorrow to post the music video for 'Angels from the Realms of Glory'!

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