Monday, December 22, 2014

Masterpost of updates!

Hello, all! A little late on updates, but better late than never!

Get ready for a giant post!

Per usual, David's tweets plus a quote on Instagram!


Next, David and Brooke's song on the album has been posted!! Go HERE to take a listen!

From David's site:

Plus, some photos of them working together and a lovely mention from Brooke!

Thanks to rhiminee for the caps!

Awesomeage! Can't wait! Brooke also was interview and mentioned David a few times! Go HERE to read!

On another note, the music video for 'Angels from the Realms of Glory' was posted!

Beautiful! Download the song for FREE here!

David's site also posted about the music video!

Plus, some photos!

Photos credit to Bry Cox.

Just Jared Jr. also posted about David's video! Awesomeage!


Also, a behind the scenes video of the shoot!


Moving on, David trended worlwide!!

Woo! Archies did it again!

On another note, some videos! David recently did an interview about his MoTab experience:

David's official site posted about the interview!

While we're on the video subject, a couple Youtubers mentioned David in their recent videos!

Not sure what time he is mentioned, but I believe it is towards the end of each video!

Next on tonight's list, some performances coming up!

David will be going to Spain and France to sing for missionaries! Click the image above to read the article.

Plus someone already has a ticket!


Also, a more official looking statement about ACDA that we mentioned in a previous post. Go HERE to check it out! Nothing is official just yet.

Next, an important announcement from David's official site:

Hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly!

And, finally, some randomness to close this post!

Firstly, Q102 has a new poll!

Click the image to vote! David is in the lead!

Secondly, David is on the cover of a BYU magazine! 

To view the whole article, go HERE.

Plus, some backstage photos from the 'Celebration of Christ' Christmas concert!


Lastly, a radio station has been playing David! Go HERE to take a listen!

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