Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tweets, photos, new videos & more!

Howdy, all!

Per usual, David's tweets!

Click the image to view the video!

Next, a newly posted video from Shay Carl plus a photo!

Click the image for a larger version!

Now, the video!

Awesomeage! You can find David at 4:45, 5:40, 6:35 and 7:00!

Another video from Youtuber Evynne Hollens was also posted! 

Cool! Can't wait for the final product!

While we're still on a video note, MoTab was aired on Vme TV!

How awesome is that!?

Plus an article about it!

Click the image to view the article.

On another note, the Celebration of Christ Christmas concerts will be released after New Years + The Hollywood Reporter posted about one of David's performances!

Can't wait!

Click The Hollywood Reporter logo to read the article.

Next, before we wrap up this post, some randomness!


A possible event in Summer 2015?!

Interesting! Will post more info as it comes!

David's tweet about the Philippines was featured in a newspaper:

Also, interesting tidbit in the concert program!


Also, Meet The Mormons came in at #14 on independent films of 2014! Go HERE to check it out!

Lastly, a photo from Mormon.org!

Aww! Go HERE to check out the meaning behind the sign.

And, finally, some photos!

Credits go to the owners. 

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