Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rising Star Outreach event!

Although we are a little late on posting updates on this event, better late than never!

Firstly, David's tweets!

Click the videos to head over to David's Instagram to watch!

Next, some tweets from the event!

Hmm, recorded it? Sound interesting!

Plus, Kari said they were filming the performances!

Can't wait to see it! We'll post once we hear more regarding the videos!

Also, Lexi had some lovely things to say about David!


Moving on, here are some photos from the event!

Credits to the owners.

Plus some lovely professional photos from Bry Cox!

Go HERE to see the rest!

Also, some lovely photos from Pattirae, as well!

She also wrote a recap! Go HERE to read what she had to say!

Now, time for some videos!

Firstly, we have a lovely sound check video from Lexi!

Next, some videos credit to Patti Adams:

Prayer of the Children:

A Whole New World and Glorious:

Somebody Out There and Stand By Me:

Partial Riddle:

And lastly, MsGwenp's videos:


Prayer of the Children:

The Riddle, A Whole New World, Stand By Me and Somebody Out There:

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