Wednesday, November 5, 2014

'Glorious' video contest, Christmas performances! Tweets, pictures, plus more!

Better late than never!

Firstly, here is an update on the 'Glorious' video contest!

Firstly, David's tweets on the subject!

Check out 'Meet The Mormons' site for more info!

Click the image above to head over to the site. Deseret Book also posted an article!

Plus, a video of David explaining & the instrumental version of 'Glorious' for you to sing along to!

Originally the contest was supposed to end on November 4th, but Meet The Mormons extended it to the 7th! Get your entries in!

Here is a very special one that stood out to me:

Cute! Go HERE to check out the playlist with almost 200 video submissions!

Now, onto another subject! David's official site post 3 Christmas shows at the end of the month!!!

Click the image to head over to David's site and go HERE to order your tickets!! We will update more as more info comes.

The shows are also listed on TOURS on David's Facebook!

Plus a 'sneak peek' video was posted!

Moving on, here are a couple of David's recent tweets!

Plus a photo with a fan!

Staying on the twitter subject, Kari said she would be sending David another package soon!


Also, a David pumpkin sighting!

How cool!

David is also on Deseret Book's main page!

Click the images to head over to Deseret to see!

And, lastly, to finalize this post, TV5 is re-airing Nandito Ako!

How awesome is that?!

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