Saturday, February 1, 2014

Idol tidbits; new old interview + David trended worldwide!

American Idol had a challenge including David in their most recent episode!

Check out the video:


Because of all of that, #IdolDavid trended worldwide! How awesome is that?!

They also made a post about their Utah auditions! Click the link to check out the title! Awesomeage!

Last on the "Idol list" is '14 Awesomest American Idol Alums' David is #9!

SuperPopInterviews recently uploaded a video from 2008!

Lastly, 'The Year Of The Archuleta' trended worldwide!

Awesomeage! Great job Archies!


  1. He's a great man -- one of my favorite singer. I've been hooked more on him when I found out that he's a Christian. God speed David Archuleta!