Saturday, July 20, 2013

AI Tour '08 Rosemont Recap!

Yesterday marked the 5 year anniversary of the AI summer ’08 tour making a stop at Rosemont, Illinois. I was able to attend the show with my siblings. Thinking of what happened during that time, I remember that it was such a great and crazy experience. Not only was it my first time seeing David perform live, but it was my first time meeting him. I can recall being a nervous wreck as I was waiting in front of the barricade outside of the Allstate Arena with my siblings and a few friends. I was thinking of what I was going to say in my head and how I was going to hand him my gift. I also decided to hand him a copy of my ticket to sign. When it was my turn, being the nervous wreck that I was, all I could say was, "Hi! This is for you." I handed him my gift, which was in a Kohl's bag, and he responded, "Aww, thank you very much!" Then I asked him to sign my ticket. As he was signing, I kept reminding myself not to freak out in front of him since we were both holding onto the ticket! Although the exchange with David was short and I was only able to talk to him for about 30 seconds, somehow I managed to get a hug from him, which was the best moment of the day. Yes, the exchange was short, but it was worth waiting outside in the rainy and sunny weather for 5 hours. It was definitely an experience to remember, and little did I know that I would experience more concerts and meet David several more times in the future. 

Here are some pics from the event! 

AND, one more! 

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