Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tweets & Instagram, TOFW Canada tidbits, some videos and pictures from Slovenia + more!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, we will try to update more as things happen!

But, now it's time to play catch up!

Starting with David's recent social media updates!

David got his very own Periscope! Go follow him!

Click the image above to head over!

Now Twitter and Instagram!


Next up, a couple of pictures from David's performance in Canada with Time Out for Women!

All credit goes to the owners. If they're your photos, let us know and we'll credit you.

Slovenia videos and pictures!

We have a few lovely photos of David performing in Slovenia over the past few days post by Paul Cardall!

Go HERE, HERE and HERE to see more!

Plus a bunch of lovely photos an videos from the devotional Zagreb, Croatia!


The pictures!

And a lovely couple of photos from Kendra!

Now, some videos clipped from David and Kari's Periscopes!


 A big thanks to ShanelleArchie#DA2016 for compiling all these videos!

And, to end this post:

8throwcenter uploaded Pride from Time Out for Women in Cincinnati!

Plus, Gracie Schram, David's recent opener for his concerts over the past few months performed a song that she and David wrote together!


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