Friday, June 5, 2015

Tweets, events, new songs! + surprise event, pictures hearing David out and about & more!

David tweeted a lovely Memorial Day tweet + a quote from and Elder who recently passed:

Plus, a bunch of event notifications!


What a surprise! David performed with Lexi Walker this past weekend at a Diabetes 'Father of the Year Gala!'

Unfortunately, there are not many videos. Lexi had posted a stream but it was only for mobile users & lasted 24 hours. Bah! Thanks to FOD for recording one:

A big thanks to Lexi for uploading this video to her channel!


A clip of Strangers Like Me on IG:

Click the cap to watch the video. 

Another short clip of David performing When the Saints Go Marching In:


Deseret News also posted an article regarding the event! Go HERE to check it out! 

Also, a couple pictures and tweets!

Kari was there! Awesomeage!


David looked very handsome, might I add!

David to go to Australia and New Zealand?

Click the cap to head over to TOFW's site! No confirmation from Team Archie or David OS yet, but it seems legit!

While we're still on the concert subject, check out these awesome ads for the November & September  shows!


New songs!

Well, kinda. Who remembers the Celebration of Christ Christmas concerts?

AMAZING! Hopefully this means we're one step closer to being able to purchase a DVD! Would love to hear Believe. Click on the images to purchase copies of each song.

Kari said the mailing address is still up and running! 

Yay! Thanks Kari!

Lastly, some randomness! 

First, aww!


The Don't Run Away music video created by the lovely Kylie Malchus has reached 1 million views!


Glorious was covered by a group of missionaries in London! 

How cool is that!?

Some pictures of David out and about & David stopped by 'Room in the Inn' for a surprise performance!


Also, this cool 'Artist Insights' on youtube; shows the views from all around the world. Cool! Thanks to FOD for the find.

Lastly, a little side note, the other day I went to JC Penny and Who I Am was playing! Awesomeage! Anyone else hear David while they were out? Tell us in the comments or tweets us!

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