Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NEW song! + tweets, so many 7's, picture & more!

First off, David posted a quote and an event reminder!

Go HERE to find out more info about the concert in September!


A while back we had some info on David recording a song for an EFY album; the song has arrived!

Go HERE to put in the code and download your free copy!

Woo! Beautiful! Apparently, David wrote the song with Stephanie Mabey, writer of Glorious!

How many 7's?

What!? How cool is that!

Thanks to rhimmie for bringing this to our attention via tumblr!

David went to a concert this past week + most popular boy names!


Check out the two most popular boy names in 1960!

Love that it is David AND James! Click the image for the source.

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