Thursday, June 25, 2015

David tweets! Plus some Instagram posts, music & such, pictures, possible event, Kari important update + more!

Firstly, as usual, David's tweets!

Plus a couple Instagram posts!

Click the first cap to view David's video!

Lotsa writing sessions today!

Thanks to rhiminee for the caps!

David's posted a couple songs lately, and the Artists have replied!

How cool!

Plus, Isabeau Miller posts about David!

Demo day in the tags? Mighty interesting!

Update from Kari:

Apparently, live recordings of two of David's performances for 'Celebration of Christ' were added to iTunes. Please do not purchase.

Possible event?

No word from Team Archie yet, so we'll keep you updated!

Some photos from when David went to a conference last year!

Go HERE for the source.

Lastly, some lovely randomness.

David was spotted at the Lindsay Stirling concert!

Such a great pic!

What the random!?

How cool!

Finally, a random mention!

David is mentioned around the 4:00 mark. 

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