Monday, February 2, 2015

Tweets, Writing Sessions, Trending Party, Idol + more!

Been a little behind on posting as of late, but better late than ever, right!?

As usual, David's tweets come first!

Woo! Love the picture!

Next, David's been having a ton of writing sessions! Here are some photos:

Awesomeage! Also, a side note, my brother went to school with Isabeau Miller! Small world! So cool!

Moving on, David trended worldwide!

Awesomeage! Go Archies!

On another note, Which American Idol contestant are you? Take Ryan Seacrest's poll to find out!

Click the tweet to head over and take the poll!

Also, while we're still on the American Idol subject, Keith Urban mentioned the David's!

Click the image to read!

Moving on! More about the RootsTech performance!

Click the image to head over to their site!

Plus, Kari cleared up some confusion:

Next, on a different subject, 'Top 5 Videos of 2014' from MoTab + they reposted David's performance in 2009 of 'Be Still, My Soul':

Go HERE to check out their 'Top 5 Videos of 2014' list; David made #3! 


Click the photo to head over to MoTab's site!

Moving on, Brooke White has shipped all of the CD's!

Click the image to read what she has to say!

Also, Celebration of Christ DVD is coming!


And, finally, some randomness!

Firstly, a photo of David out and about!


Secondly, Stephanie Mabey mentioned David in her recent interview!


And, finally, The Today Show made a Youtube a few months back and uploaded David's performance from 2009! Go HERE to check out the videos!

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