Saturday, October 4, 2014

A 'Glorious' post!

Woo! So much to post!

Firstly, as usual, David's tweets!

That boy is tweeting up a storm!

Next, on this Glorious night (yes, I'm going to overuse that) are some lovely tweets found around about the song!

So much love!

He was also trending on Facebook for almost 24 hours!


Also, on a not so 'Glorious' note, a few recent photos of David out and about!


Now, back to 'Glorious,' here are a few things from around! Where to download the song and more!

Click the image to download the song!

The Osmond's are enjoying David's new song, as well!


David also changed his Facebook banner to a screencap from the video!

And two photos from 'Meet The Mormons' site and facebook!

Click the images to view the sources. Also, don't forget to request to have the movie played near you!

Lastly, David's site also posted about the new song:

Click the image to head over and leave a comment!

On some more 'Glorious' news! Tons of buzz from all over!

Click the images to read all the articles!

Also, apparently David was mentioned on BYUtv! Go HERE to view it!

Well we're still on the 'Glorious' subject, here are some videos relating!

Firstly, David's interview along with 'Glorious' on the radio!

David was mentioned in a 'Royals' parody!

LOL! Awesomeage!

Also, Tim Allen mentioned David on Jimmy Kimmel!


Lastly, sign David's birthday card!

Click the image to leave a message!

And finally, Archie Radio is now up and running! Go HERE to listen! Worth it!

I think something is missing from this post...

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