Sunday, July 20, 2014

MEGA post of USO Tour tidbits + more!

To start of tonight's post, here are all of David's recent tweets!

Before I get into the USO tour buzz, David would seen in Costa Rica and they said he was filming a music video! Woo!

Interesting! Can't wait!

Moving onto the USO Tour, David photos are being posted left and right in the twitter-verse! Get ready for a ton!


Plus, SJR posted a #TBT photo!

While we are in the twitter-verse, here are some more tweets about David!

Hmmm... Interesting!

Jason Hewlett in response to fans asking for videos:

Hopefully we'll get some later on!

On another note, trending topic on the horizon!

Moving on, here are a plethora of photos from the past week!

 Woo! Now that's what I call photos! You may also go HERE and HERE for more! All credit goes to the owners.

Dean, Dan & Jason have posted quite a few blogs since our last post, so I'm going to categorize them by the USO Tour stops. Click the links to view!


Dean 1, Dean 2 & Dan.

There was only one blog from Kuwait by Jason Hewlett.

Dan Clark also posted a few videos from the trip, as well!

He also posted a video on Facebook. Can't embed, so go HERE to view!

There was also a video of Crush posted! 

Click the image to watch!

That's a warp for now with the USO Tour! Keep checking back for more updates!

Now, moving onto another note, David's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' was played on a Korean drama!


Also, David's Facebook posted a widget to track upcoming concerts:

Click the tweet to track!

And finally, a lovely fan art!

Wow! Found on FOD.

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