Saturday, July 12, 2014

Master post of the first stop on the Military tour: Bahrain!

Here are some tweets, videos, pictures & more from David in Bahrain!

But first, some pre-USO tour tweets and photos!

Hmmm... Interesting!

David also stopped by Bam Bam's BBQ!

A photo from David when he was in Costa Rica!

Next, Bahrain related and not, David's recent tweets!

Now, onto Bahrain updates! Here are pictures, articles, tweets and more! Get ready for day one!

Click the image to read Jason Hewlett's blog and to see more photos!

He also posted a video on his facebook! Can't embed, so go HERE to few it!

David's site also made a post regarding the USO tour!

Next, a short clip of David singing Crush was posted! Plus, Jason Hewlett posted a short clip of 'Bring Him Home'! 

Plus, go HERE to see another video!

Next, enjoy a plethora a photos!

All credit goes to the owners of the photos.

Disney Dreaming also posted an article about David's trip!

Click the link to read!

Lastly, not as much to post from day #2 in Bahrain, but here is what we have so far!

Jason Hewlett posted another blog about day #2! Click the image to read!

To finalize this post, a photo!

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