Saturday, December 1, 2012

Crush Kids' Cancer 2013 Calendars + Ornaments Update!

The Kids' Chapter:
Crush Kids' Cancer 2013 Calendars + Ornaments Update! 

With just one month left of 2012, we're wrapping up what has been a great year (well, since June) for Crush Kids' Cancer and The Kids' Chapter! Now it's almost time to welcome 2013 with a Crush Kids' Cancer calendar!

Not only do a portion of the proceeds from the calendars go to Crush Kids' Cancer, but each month holds a different quote or song lyric from David!

You can go HERE to purchase a calendar and also view all of the calendar pages!

Also, there's only one month left of our David Archuleta Christmas/Birthday Project!

33 ornaments have sold in the month of November! That's more than one ornament each day! Thanks everyone! I'm sure David will love to know how many sold and how much was raised as his Christmas/Birthday gift!

You can go HERE to learn more about this project and how to purchase a special Crush Kids' Cancer ornament.

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