Monday, October 1, 2012

DA2014 Fit Club: Biking with Elder Archuleta!

Are you ready for a new fitness campaign?

We sure hope so! We don’t know if David has been riding a bike or not (maybe Kari could let us know), but we know a lot of missionaries do and it’s a great form of exercise, so we thought it would be fitting to have our new campaign be “BIKING WITH ELDER ARCHULETA”.

Sounds like fun, right? Be sure you wear the necessary safety equipment (helmets, reflectors, safe clothing) and know the correct rules for which side of the street you should ride on for your area and then join in the fun!

Just keep track of your miles for the week BEGIN.ning October 1st, 2012 and report them on Sunday evenings. You may tweet them to @DA2014FitClub or email them to Tweet as often as you like about all of your exercise, but remember to report weekly on Sunday evenings for biking. We will be bicycling a total of 5000 miles as a group. (If you are still doing the personal walking/running campaign, please continue and report on Friday evenings for that). 

On your mark. Get set. BEGIN.!

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