Friday, May 18, 2012

What the random?

Another random post on this lovely Friday!

First, found on FOD, apparently David was shown on Entertainment Tonight last night during a segment on the passing of Donna Summer, when ET interviewed her during the S7 finale:

Second, from Ana:

Aww! Not gonna lie Ana, we miss him too!

Next, found on Fanscene, a sweet tweet to Kari from @tatoropel, who is a member of the Symphonie Jeunesse (click the image below to make it larger):

Also, this may be a tad late, but there's lovely David "Imagine" mentions in the following articles, after Joshua Ledet performed the song on Idol this past week:

Access Atlanta:
It’s hard not to compare this with the low-key original or even David Archuleta’s subtle take.

Yahoo Music Canada:
Once again my hopes for unpredictability from Joshua were dashed when he went with this overdone "Idol" staple, one that is still associated in many viewers' minds with David Archuleta's landmark performance from Season 7.
“Imagine” has been done before in more memorable fashion (David Archuleta comes to mind).

It wasn’t a great arrangement, and it took me back to when David Archuleta nailed this song in Season 7.

And lastly, one of my fave mentions...
Gossip & Gab:
Although honestly, I do have to question how we ended up with “Imagine” at this point in the competition when David Archuleta already went there and did that and who wants to be compared to one of the most iconic song of Idol history?

And last but not least, I thought I would share this with everyone. I posted this in the Artistic Fans of David Archuleta group on facebook yesterday. It's a page from my David scrapbook, full of tickets, wristbands, etc. from David concerts! It might be a good idea for anyone who doesn't know what to do with any concert tickets :)

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