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It has been almost three years since David Archuleta was voted first runner up on Season 7 of “American Idol,” but it’s a part of his life he will never forget.

Today, Archuleta, 20, has transferred his success on the popular TV talent show into a professional solo singing career. His most recent album, The Other Side of Down, was released by Jive Records in October 2010.

Currently, Archuleta, who is of Honduran decent from his mother’s side, is helping promote the new season of “American Idol” (Season 10), which premiered last week with 26 million viewers tuning in.

During an interview with me, Archuleta talked about the type of changes he anticipates now that longtime judge Simon Cowell is no longer on the show and why he has always embraced his Latinos roots as a performer.

“American Idol” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on Fox at 7 p.m.

How do you think the tone of “American Idol” will change now that Simon Cowell is no longer a judge?

I think having a rock legend like Steven Tyler and a Latina like Jennifer Lopez is going to bring a different audience to the show. I think the chemistry these new judges are going to have is going to have a more professional vibe. They’re going to work more together instead of arguing. I think they’re really going to work to help these performers.

When you were on the show during Season 7, what was it like to perform on stage each and every week?

It was sometimes very overwhelming. At the same time, it was amazing because music can say so much. Having the opportunity to share that with so many people was really neat. I don’t even know what a million people looks like, so to think about that many people watching me sing, I couldn’t believe it. It was a huge blessing.

What do you think about these new rule changes for Season 10? Now contestants can audition for the show online instead of in front of the judges.

I think they’ll be able to get a lot more people because there are those that aren’t able to afford going to auditions in different cities. Sometimes their schedules don’t work for them if they have jobs. I had to quit my job to go for my audition. I think it’ll allow the show to find a whole new group of talented singers.

You’ve been singing your entire life, so I’m just wondering, did you wake up one day freaking out when you’re voice started changing?

(Laughs) I think my voice has gotten a little lower, which is a good thing. But I just naturally have a high voice. I used to sing probably an octave higher when I was 13 than I do now. I think part of the way I sound is because of the paralyzed vocal cord thing I went through, but it’s part of the reason that I sing the way I sing. It’s been a blessing in disguise. But I never really noticed a big change to my voice. (Laughs) I think I’m still waiting for it to get a bit lower.

You sang at the Tejano Music Awards last year and also for the Somos El Mundo Haiti relief benefit. When did your Latino background become something you embraced as a performer?

I think it’s something that I’ve always felt close to. I’ve always felt close to my mom’s side of the family and that culture. I love how the Latino culture is family orientated. Everyone has big hearts and is very emotional. Plus, I grew up with that music (Archuleta’s mother is a salsa singer and dancer from Honduras). I’ve always kept that in my mind since I was little. The first language my mom would speak and sing to us was Spanish. I wish I was more fluent than I am, but I always take pride in my roots.

Will you be participating in the new season of “American Idol” in some capacity?

I would like to. In the last two years they’ve invited me to come back. It’s always been unexpected. I would love to come back. It’s always fun to see the people who work on the show. It’s fun to reminisce and let the new contestants know they can talk to someone who knows what they are going through.

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Are David Archuleta Hairstyles Popular?

David Archuleta is one of American Idols sweethearts. He is a young attractive man with a great voice but are David Archuleta hairstyles popular? When someone becomes popular with the younger crowds their hairstyles usually become very popular and people start copying them. Is that the case with David Archuleta? David Archuleta quickly become one of the favorites on American Idol because everyone loved the different hairstyles he had every week.

Every week of competitions Archuleta came out with a different hairstyle but always with the same haircut. The haircut that he has is very versatile. He never had to cut his hair but was able to create new styles that had the crowds going crazy for Archuleta. The shy 17 year old became a star overnight thanks to American Idol, his amazing voice, and his awesome hairstyles.

Boys and young men around the country were going into hair shops and asking for the Archuleta haircut. The great thing about the haircut is that you can wear it several ways and they are all easy to copy. A little hair gel and anything is possible with this haircut.

Archuleta wore his hair in frisky spikes, or smooth and sophisticated depending on how he felt at the time. This is a great haircut for any guy to have. Archuleta has already showed everyone the many ways you can wear this haircut and everyone of them looked fabulous. You can spike the front, spike the middle, wear a type of Mohawk, or even wear it spiked all over.

Archuleta’s hairstyles will be one of the things that people remember about this young man for years to come. That and his amazing singing ability. This young man could belt out a tune and have the young girls swooning. So thank you David Archuleta for the knowledge of your hairstyles.

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