Monday, January 16, 2017

Social media round up! + fan photos, TOFW in 2017 & more!

Christmas show tonight in Orange County, California! There are still tickets left so come and join us! What a beautiful place the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa is. 😡 In today's 25 days of Christmas for #lighttheworld I've been thinking about how easy it is for me to hold grudges and let things from the past get to me and affect me. I let those things bring anger, bring fear, bring anxiety. I'm setting a goal to let each of these grudges go! It takes dedication. It's remembering that commitment and sticking to it. I'm excited though. There is power in forgiveness. Each time I think "it's just not possible under these circumstances. Not this time. Not yet. " I think of Christ and His power to forgive. He believes we have the power to change, and I know I have the power to change and let go of those things and moments that are holding me back in fear and resentment. Who and what are you holding and grudging against? Think about how there is power to forgive. And as soon as you learn to forgive, you will feel that power of forgiveness for yourself too and it's AMAZING! "Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." (Luke 6:37) as hard as that is, I remember that Christ could even forgive those who hanged Him on the cross. As bad of a person I feel I am sometimes, I remember He can forgive me, and I can realize that the moment I can do the same and forgive someone else who has wronged me–even if that person I need to forgive is me–I feel the healing that comes from forgiving. Believe it is in you! Because it is. If you feel you can't, say a prayer and ask for that strength to forgive and it will come. Whether you're receiving it or giving it, What a gift forgiveness is! christmasconcert #costamesa #oc #california #forgive #forgiveness #Christmas
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Plus a bunch of Instagram Stories we've missed!


Plus, during the Christmas tour, David & Nathan did Facebook lives!

Go HERE for Nathan's & HERE for David's!


Next up, David will be performing for Time Out For Women again this year!

Click the image above to find out more!

Some fan photos!

And, lastly, to close this post; Gracie Shram did a lovely cover of Numb & My Little Prayer debuted at #7!


I'm sure some updates have been missed given the holiday craziness, but hopefully this sums up most of it!

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