Thursday, July 21, 2016

Social media posts, Nashville Tribute Band concert: 'Son of Man' video & TONS of photos! + some photos from Shelley & Sounds of David!


Next up: Redeemer updates!

First, thanks to Shelley for getting another lovely video for us!!

Plus, Marie Osmond posted a clip from soundcheck on her Instagram!

Click the cap above to watch!

Pictures galore! And, when I say galore, I mean it. Thanks to Fabiana Beatriz Photography, we got a TON of professional pictures from the Redeemer concert!

But, first take a look at these beautiful photos from Kaitlyn Rose DeNoble on Facebook!

Click the link above to head over to her Facebook for more!

Now, onto Fabiana Beatriz Photography's photos!

Go HERE for an entire compilation of all the photo pages!

Click above each group to see TONS more! WOW!

And, lastly, some photos from last months events from Shelley & Sounds of David!

Click the links above to head over to their Facebook pages for more!

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