Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tweets & Instagram posts! + David the Thunderbird, possible events in August? + more!

Woo! Lots of posts over the past month!

Yesterday, David took a flight with the U.S. Air force's Thunderbirds!

Photos credit to twitter and the U.S. Air force Thrunderbirds facebook!

David also did an interview with KSL after his flight!

Click the cap above to watch!

Also, go on David's Periscope HERE to watch his before, during, and after flight!

To close this post, David singing in the background of his pianist Chad Truman's Instagram video!

Click the cap above to listen!

New events in Asia in August?

Nothing is confirmed. We'll let you know if it is!

Lastly, a lovely video of David performing with Ellee Duke during her concert!


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