Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tweets & Instagram posts, Time Out for Women in Orlando and Cincinnati videos and pictures! + a little randomness!


Over the past week, David had two Time Out For Women events!

Here are a few videos from Orlando, Florida!

Unfortunately, we didn't get the best videos from Orlando, but ShanelleArchie#DA2016 uploaded a bunch of clips from Instagram, Twitter, etc! Go HERE to see them all! 

We did get quite a few lovely videos from Cincinnati, though!


Donna Higby:


I (Lynsey) was also able to attend the Orlando Time Out for Women event and meet him for the first time! 

Here are just a few of my many photos!


Before I close this post, David had a writing session!

Plus, American Idol tidbits!

Apparently they showed an interview on Fox Japan!

Click the cap to watch.

And, lastly, a photo!

Head behind the cut to see a bunch of photos from both of the Time Out for Women shows!

All credit goes to the owners of the photos. If they're yours, let us know and we'll credit you!

Apologies for any duplicates.



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