Monday, November 23, 2015

Tweets & Instagrams! + videos & pictures from Texas, interviews, articles & some randomness, of course!


First up, how about some videos from Texas courtesy of Shelley!

Security was harsh for the Texas concerts, so these are mostly audio. Still great, nonetheless!

Pictures from this event will be posted under the cut!

David did some interviews over the past week or so!


 Won't let me embed this sound cloud interview, so go HERE to listen!

Click the images below to check out the interviews & articles!

Information on the DAC concerts in December! 

Both shows sold out in less than 10 hours!!!


MyDearWriter posts an awfully interesting Instagram post...

I like the sound of that!!

A couple of fan photos before we close!

Love it!

Go behind the cut to see a bunch of photos from the Texas show!

Not sure who to credit, if the photos are yours, let us know and you will be credited!

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