Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tweets & Instagram posts, pictures, audio from Miami! + Christmas shows & more!

Words from the man himself first, of course!


Sadly, we didn't get too much from Miami, but we got a few snippets and some audio!

Also, a video from facebook and one from Kari!

Click each cap to watch!

David is inviting you to see him in Texas!

Click the cap to watch!

New Christmas shows!

Go HERE to find out more information! Woo!

FOD posted a newly found music video for Nunca Pense in Portuguese! What!?

Cool! It also includes new clips!

Onto photos! Here are some photos from David's adventures lately:

Love the last photo especially!

Also, Sounds of David posted a TON of lovely photos from David's concerts in BYU!

Go HERE to check out the rest!

Thank you card for Kari!

Click the picture to sign her card and to let Kari know how much we appreciate her!

And, finally, a little randomness to close the post!

David Archuleta?

LOL! That's David Cook for ya!

Also and finally, Christmas From the Heart has moved up the charts!

Wow! That's incredible!

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