Friday, May 15, 2015

Farewell to American Idol, David mentions + events!

As I'm sure everyone is well aware now, American Idol has announced it will have its' 15th and finale season next year. Will forever be grateful to the show that brought David into all our lives!

With all the talk about Idol, that leads to David mentions!

Here's a taste:

I, unfortunately, lost some of the links I had prepared for this post. But David was mentioned many times! 

Also, Billboard posted 'Top 100 'American Idol' Hits of All Time;' Crush is at #21!

Click the cap above to head over and check out the article.

On the next last subject for this post, more events!

Woo! I am loving these double shows! Which have both already sold out. 

Also, click the pic below to learn more about the events!

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