Wednesday, April 22, 2015

UVU event, tweets, pictures, Idol, Meet The Mormons & more!

Per usual, David's tweets and instagram posts!

This past week David attended and gave a speech at UVU college!

Here are some tweets via UVU's twitter regarding David's speech:


Plus, some videos, as well!

Rochelle Dawn:








Plus, an instagram video:

Click the image to view the video!

And, lastly on the UVU subject, some pictures!

Not sure who to credit for most of the photos, but found a lot HERE.

See David live!

Click the cap to head over to David's site!

Writing sessions with LadyV + time with friends!


Meet the Mormons DVD is out now! Including a behind the scenes look at Glorious!

Go HERE to see more screen caps of the BTS & purchase your copy HERE to own it!

Interfaith DVD is on the way!

After not hearing about it for a while, I was beginning to think we wouldn't be getting it. So, good to know!

American Idol Stars: Where Are They Now? & A reason to smile!

Click the tweet to head over to TV Guide's site and read the article!


I agree!

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