Monday, March 23, 2015

Catch up!

Been unable to post over the past month, so it's time to play catch up! Here is a MASTER post of all things David over the last month!

To start off this post, per usual, David's tweets and Instagram posts!

Woo! Plus, FOD posted a site that shows the tweets with the most RT's! Go HERE to check it out!

David is writing with Lady V again! Here are some of her tweets from before and during the session!

Love it!

David signed with a booking agency! How cool is that!?

Click on the image to visit their site and read David's bio!

David's site also updated with info on The Windish Agency:

Click the cap to head over to David's site!

Want a copy of the 'Be Still My Soul' sheet music?

Click the image to order a copy! Cool!

Before we get down to the massive stuff, how about some randomness?

David Cook talked about David at one of his recent concerts, Tyler Oakley mentioned David in a tweet, picture of David out and about, plus the lead singer of Five For Fighting posts David's cover of 'The Riddle'!

Click the cap of the Cook video to watch!

Plus, David's #7 on the '16 Mormon pop culture moments from 2014-2015'!

Click the image to check it out!

Now, time to get down to business! As we all know, last month David performed at RootsTech! Here are some of the videos from the event:


Go HERE to check out the rest of Shelley's videos!


Go HERE to view the rest of 8throwcenter's videos!

Plus, a video of a clip of the performance and an interview!

Also, full video of the lip sync battle!


Before all the fun of the concert started, there was a M&G!

Here's a video taken by fans!

And some pictures!

 Go HERE for more! And read after the cut for a TON more!

A few days after the RootsTech event, David went to the premier of Meet The Mormons in Mexico!

Some videos from the event!

Click the caps to watch the videos! Plus, go HERE and HERE for lots of photos! Also, click after the cut to see even more!

Kari was on the trip with him!

There was also an article about David's trip in Mexico!

Click on the image to head over and see the rest of the photos! Unfortunately, the article is in Spanish. Not sure if anyone translated.

Finally, David went to another Meet The Mormons premier and attended a conference.

Click the image to head over and watch the video!

And, to close this post, click after the cut for TONS of photos from RootsTech & the Meet The Mormons premier!


Meet The Mormons premier:

Click each image to enlarge! Apologies if there are any duplicates.

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