Wednesday, January 21, 2015

David updates!

Hello, everyone!

As per routine, let's start off with David's recent tweets!

Love the photo!

Next, Ryan Seacrest posted a Quiz; 'Which Season of ‘American Idol’ Were These Contestants On?':

Click the tweet to head over and vote for David! Cool!

Moving on! Next on tonight's list, new album title? Kari clears things up + get excited!

Click the image above to read KSL's article on David's blog!

At the end of KSL's post, they mentioned an album title called 'For Me', so fans were going crazy! But, Kari cleared things up:

Bah! But don't fret, music is coming!

On another note, the writer of 'Glorious' did an interview about the song & David!

Click the image to read the interview in full size.

Now, onto some randomness before I finish this post up!

Firstly, Crush was played on the Today Show!


On the subject of hearing David in places, 'Who I Am' was playing in JC Penny!

Click the image to watch the video!

Next, Meet The Mormons is going international! Go HERE to see if it's coming to you, international fans!

Plus, a lovely tribute video of 'Glorious' by the lovely 0o0bluedots0o0!


And, finally, a couple pictures!

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