Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tweets, Brooke White + Friends, Live Nativity Set, Nandito Ako, Redeemer, Trending Topic + more!

Hello, all!

As usual, let's start out tonight's post with David's tweets!


David also tweeted a link for the new Glorious Supercut video from 'Meet The Mormons'!

Wow! Amazing! 

Great job to everyone who submitted their videos! Almost 400 videos were sent in!


Also, David reached over 50k followers on Instagram!

Go David!

Next on tonight's list of updates, some updates on the recently release 'Redeemer' album!

Firstly, David's official site posted about it!

Click the image to head over to David's site.

A Nashville Tribute also had a few words to say about the release!


The album made it to #11 on Billboards Christian Albums!

Lastly on the 'Redeemer' subject, on the day of its' release there was a signing at Deseret Book and they performed David's song on the album 'When the Son of Man (Comes Again)"!

Moving onto another note, Nandito Ako has been re-airing!

MyDearWriter has been posting a bunch of photos of its' airing, so go HERE to her twitter to see more photos!

Plus, commercials!

Can't embed the videos, so go HERE and HERE to view them!

On another subject, Brooke White is doing a project and David is involved!

Click the image to head over to Brooke's site to find out more! They have 56 days left to reach their goal, let's help them! 32% so far!

If you scroll towards the bottom of the page, you can pre-order your copy of 'Lullabies and Happy Songs Charity album'! Plus, go HERE to read more about it!

Moving on, David will be taking part in a Live Nativity Set on December 1st!

Woo! Can't wait to find out more! We'll post more info as it comes!

Apparently, David will be judging 'Great Video Ideas' in Hawaii!

Interesting! Can't wait to see what comes of this! Go HERE to find out more information on this matter.

And, finally, some randomness to close tonight's post!

Firstly, some lovely art by!

A school in Syracuse, NY is trying to get David to perform at their school! Plus, David's sister replied!

Click the tweet above to read a larger version.

Also, David's Birthday book is finished!

Wow! Be sure to not tweet David any information about this book, as it is, well, a surprise! Great job to Shelley for putting this together, once again!

Ezekiel Garff wants to duet with David!


Rising Star Outreach's president made a post and talked about David and Lexi's performance!

Click the image to read the article.

Plus, a new trend this Friday! 

Be sure to add 'Almost Christmas David Archuleta' to your tweets!

On another random note, what the random?!

And, lastly, an interesting tweet...

Hmm.. Sure sounds like our David!

We will try and do shorter more frequent posts from here on in!

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