Monday, October 13, 2014

'Meet The Mormons' premiere, pictures, videos, interviews + more!

Howdy all! Get ready for a master post!

Firstly, as it should be, David's recent tweets!

Plus he posted on Facebook and Instagram!

Also, credits to Rhiminee, a compilation of all the videos from the Happy Birthday Instagram video David re-tweeted!

Credit for all the videos goes to thatfunnyface.

All right, next on tonight's list, pictures galore! Firstly, we'll start out with pictures from tweets. And, mind you, when I say galore, I mean galore...

Plus, a non 'Meet The Mormons' related photo from H&M!

Now, random photos from 'Meet The Mormons' found around!


In the midst of all the photos, I lost track of who to credit for what. But, some photos may be found HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!

Also, a very lovely photo from NieNie Dialogues!

Next, while we're still on the 'Meet The Mormons' subject, here are some videos!

Click the image to watch the video!

Some interviews!

 David can be found at 0:36:


David was also shown on the world report:

And finally, on the 'Meet The Mormons' subject, apparently the movie did very well on its' first day!

On another note, there's photos from the Birthday party David sang at the other day!


Moving on, this Friday, Archies got 'David Archuleta Sings Glorious' trending worldwide!


Also, apparently David was on Access Hollywood!

Let us know if anyone has a video!

He was also on the front page of Yahoo! the other day:

On another note, 'When The Son Of Man' can now be purchased on Amazon!

Click on the image to head over and purchase your copy! The song also charted at #1 on various genres! Woo!

On another amazon note, you can now purchase 'Called to Serve' on amazon!

Click the image to order!

And lastly, today is Christmas From The Heart's 5th anniversary!

Plus, don't forget to sign David's Birthday card! Only a little time left!

You can also send in photos!

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