Monday, September 1, 2014

Tweets, pictures, videos, galore!

We've been quite behind these past few weeks, so here's to make up for it! One GIANT post of David updates!

Before you read tonight's post check out THIS one and go participate in 'Crush Kids Cancer's' thunderclap! Go, go, go!

Now, let's move onto David's recent tweets! Here we go!

Woo! Click the tweet including David's 'Ice Bucket Challenge' to watch it! You can also go HERE for a 3 second longer version of it!

Next, how about a round of pictures!?

Plus a few more!

Credit goes to the owners.

Since we're on the twitter subject, here are some interesting tweets found around:

Firstly, MyDearWriter has been posting a bunch of Nandito Ako tweets!

We miss Nandito Ako, too, MDW ;)

Next, some very interesting tweets found around the David sites. Thanks to FOD & The Voice for the heads up!

Hmmm. Very interesting, indeed!

Lastly, on the twitter subject, some random tweets found here and there, plus David trended worldwide last week!


Moving on, here are some lovely Instagram videos!

Also, a clip of one of the songs David has been working on!

Exciting! Click all the images to watch the videos.

On another note, rumor has it that David is going to have a song plus possibly be in the new 'Meet The Mormons' movie!

Here is a video of the trailer to get a feel for what the movie will be like!

THIS article also mentions David having a song in the movie! To be release October 10th.

Lastly, on a few random notes! Snow Angelz posted an enjoyable read a while ago. Go HERE to check it it! 

And, to finalize this post, here is a very lovely post about David. Worth the read!

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