Tuesday, September 23, 2014


As you can see, we've been quite behind this past month! After this post we will try and update when things happen.

So, what better to start with than David's recent tweet's!


David also got a reply from Stephanie in regards to his tweet today!

Next, Archie Radio needs your help!

Be sure to send in your voice mails to Archie Radio! Don't forget to tune in starting October 1st!

On another note, David is going to have a song on a 'Nashville Tribute to Jesus Christ!':

Awesomeage! Click the image to pre-order your copy on Deseret Books! Also, according to The Voice, the album will be released on November 14th!

While we're still on the Deseret Books subject, they have a lovely set up in one of their stores!

Cool! Photo credit to Nellie1983

Moving on, it wouldn't be a David post without some randomness, would it? Lets!

Firstly, some photos!

Next, a few weeks ago Kari was with David!


Moving on, apparently David's 'Christmas From the Heart' is at #22 in Holiday music on iTunes! Awesomeage!

On another note, trending party!

Be sure to add 'Follow Your Dreams David Archuleta' to your tweets!

Next, apparently David will be speaking at the 'Standards Night' Sunday, September 28th!

Click the image for more info! Thanks to David Archuleta Venezuela for the heads up.

Want to get the 'Meet The Mormons Movie' to theaters near you? Request in your area!

Click the image above to head of to Deseret News to learn more!

And finally, to close tonight's post, Mormon Hashtags?


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