Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tweets, tweets and more tweets! + photos, trending topic & more info about the chat on June 24th!

First off, David has been a twitter machine these past few days!

This past week on twitter David reached over 5 thousand tweets, also! Woo!

David also posted a photo of his shoes on Instagram, as well!

Next, here a couple tweets/photos found around!

Jason Deere also has some new old photos on his site! Head HERE to check them out!

Lastly, on the twitter subject, there's going to be a trend this weekend!

Be sure to add 'You Touch Our Hearts David Archuleta' to your tweets!

Finally, to wrap up this post, some more info on the chat coming up this Tuesday!

Click on the image to head over to LDS' website to read more about it!

You can also send in questions for David during the chat, go HERE to learn more!

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