Friday, May 16, 2014

Idol articles, new old video + tweets here and there!

Get ready for a giant post! Tons of things found around the David world today.

To start off, David came in 2nd on Ryan Seacrest's  ''Your Favorite American Idol Contestant of All Time'! 

Congrats to Adam Lambert for first place!

On another 'Idol' note, Crush made Billboard's 'Top 100 American Idol Hits of All Time' list!

David's 'Imagine' also made it into TVLine's 'American Idol: 30 Best American Idol Performances":

Lastly, on the 'American Idol' subject, The Hollywood Reporter post an article about their 500th episode! Patrick Lynn (American Idol's previous associate producer) had some nice words to say about David:

On another note, a new old video from Christmas 2010 popped up! For some reason, it won't let me embed the video. So go HERE to view it!

Lastly, we have a round of tweets from all over! 

Artist supporter is someone who, well, the title says it all! Awesome that they tweeted about Broken!

David was seen out an about!

Some nice words from Michael Orland!

Lastly, Red Cross replied to David!

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