Friday, February 1, 2013

No Matter How Far buzz BEGIN.s!

Katie Moore designed the album cover!

You can go HERE to pre-order No Matter How Far on Amazon!
WOWHD has it up for pre-order as well!

Secondly, Lady V is excited!

For the sake of speculation, I'm going to say I bet the two songs Lady V co-wrote that will be on the album are "When Your Heart Falls Out," the song she mentioned a while back, and "Everything And More" from the Asian Tour Edition album. I'm thinking this because, per this tweet from the label, eOne Distribution:

It seems as though "Wait" will be on the album, and it only makes sense if the rest of the bonus tracks from the Asian Tour Edition will be on it, since David did say a while back he was working on releasing those songs in the US. 

Lastly, buzz buzz and more buzz!

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