Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"O Holy Night" in Boston, 3 years ago...

I thought I would share with you all a story from 3 years ago during David's Christmas From The Heart Tour, as I would like to try and explain to you a moment that is usually easily described as indescribable.

I went to David's show in Boston at the House of Blues on 12/19/09, exactly 3 years ago today, and it was absolutely amazing. But David's encore is what I always remember when I think back on that night.

I had been standing all night in this standing room venue as I watched David sing his heart out with songs from his new Christmas album.

After he sang a final song and heading off stage, some people began to leave. But I, as well as many others, knew better. We knew David would be coming back out so sing his encore.

Moments later the band, followed by David, come walking back out on stage and prepared for the encore. David spoke about the next song he was about to sing and introduced it as "O Holy Night." The second the music began and David went into his initial "zone," the feelings throughout the room were nothing short of magical. The entire crowd was silent as David sang, capturing the essence of each note perfectly. As the song ended, I was a bit teary-eyed as I joined the audience in applauding while David thanked everyone.

At the risk of getting a bit deep here, I'll admit I recognized the feeling I felt that night during that song. It was the Spirit. I'm certain David felt it as well, and so did the entire room (even if they didn't quite realize what it was). It was one of those moments where everyone in the room, including David himself, felt the same thing from his singing. I wasn't yet a fan of David for his unforgettable "Imagine" moment on American Idol in 2008, where him and what seems like the rest of the world felt this explainable feeling during his performance; but that night in Boston during David's performance of "O Holy Night," I finally understood what it was like to feel that, to feel the Spirit, from David's singing. Now whenever I hear David's "O Holy Night," it brings me right back to that moment at the House of Blues, when I truly felt the impact that David's singing has.

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