Thursday, October 4, 2012

David mention in NH Red Arrow Diner article!

I was able to give a small blurb in his week's issue of the Hippo Press, based in New Hampshire, talking about the Red Arrow Diner for the owner's 25-year anniversary - so naturally, I mentioned David! He is in fact the reason I found out about the diner in the first place.

Hippo Press:
Celebrities are a common draw at the diner, such as American Idol winner and recording artist David Archuleta, who was the No. 1 favorite thing about the Red Arrow for Boston-area native Ashley Moran.

“He’s been my favorite singer ever since he competed on American Idol. Furthermore, he’s actually the reason I found out about the Red Arrow Diner,” Moran said. “Three years ago, I was going to his concert in Manchester when he sent out a Tweet about going there and getting a bison burger. … He also mentioned it at his concert.” It was Ashley’s first time in town, and now the Red Arrow is usually the reason she comes back.

 Archuleta is one of the many celebrities whose visits to the diner have been enshrined with images or autographs displayed around the diner, such as Ty Pennington, Sarah Silverman and Hillary Clinton. Perhaps the best-known is Manchester’s own Adam Sandler, who even built a replica of the Red Arrow’s exterior for the upcoming movie Grown Ups 2, which he is writing and producing.

You can pick up the issue of Hippo Press at local stores in various cities in New Hampshire! You can also visit the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH, where they have a small name plate at the stool David sat at when he ate there almost 3 years ago!

David spoke about the bison burger he got in Manchester in a tweet:

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