Thursday, August 16, 2012

Song-by-song review of BEGIN. by Ashley!

Because I love this album so much and have so much to say about it, I decided to do my first song-by-song review!

Beautiful - I'm pretty sure the word that comes to everyone's mind after hearing this song is, beautiful. Simply, beautiful. I love how David's voice gradually gets stronger and stronger throughout the song, convincing himself he is beautiful and you are too. David's voice is so sincere as he sings, "You are beautiful no matter what they say." Thank you David, so are you. The song gets even better in the second verse as David unleashes some very missed "Idol vibes" in his voice and a notable growl! But my favorite part of the song? The bridge. David's voice is on fire as he sings over himself throughout the bridge, out-doing himself every lyric after the next.

Somewhere Only We Know - My favorite! I knew since the BEGIN.ning that this song would be my favorite, considering I prefer upbeat songs most of the time and this is one of the only upbeat songs on this album (nothing against the rest of the songs, of course.) I love the lyric "I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to BEGIN." for obvious reasons, and I just love the whole concept of this song.

Everybody Hurts - Every album of David's always has a special/helpful song, and this is it. This song has already helped cheer me up when I needed it, and I've only had the album for about a week. David's voice is so calming in the verses and then he belts that bridge. But I think everyone will agree when I say the best part of this song is the 'hold on's. David has repeated this phrase a lot in his songs, and he doesn't fail to do it again on BEGIN. Like I've said before, hearing David tell you to 'hold on' is extremely uplifting.

Don't Give Up - For some reason (ok maybe I know the reason), it's hard for me to get into duets (I just want David's voice and nothing else). But ok in all seriousness, this song has actually been growing on me. Libbie has a great voice, and David's parts are amazing, as always. And when the two sing that one lyric together, it's pretty moving. I especially love how in this song, David switches his role of being the uplifter to being the person that needs the uplifting. Pretty interesting to hear.

Angel - Ok, I'll be honest... I didn't think I would like this song that much. It has nothing to do with David, just mainly because this song is so slow and sad, and I figured it would remind me of abused animals every time I heard it. Well fortunately, that's not the case. David makes this song bearable with his delicate and soothing vocals. It's very calming, and there's a certain ethereal sense to this song that is felt each time I listen.

Bridge Over Troubled Water -
There's something 'bout this song that breaks my heart... whoa oh oh oh. Ok really, I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's just something about it that lifts me up, but makes me miss David at the same time. I don't know if it's his voice or the lyrics, or maybe both. Either way, I've become fond of this song, and that glory note David holds at the end is just stunning.

Broken - What's more to say about this song that hasn't already been said? It's beautiful. I love the lyrics, and the musical arrangement is great (wink wink). This song becomes pretty moving once you hear David say the words 'invisible children' and finally realize what this song is about. Though it starts out soft, the song get powerful in the end as David sings, "Broken, but not broken," Such an interesting phrase to think about.

True Colors - I knew since the BEGIN.ning that this one could quickly become one of my favorites. David's voice is so sweet and sensitive throughout this song. This song kind of hits home (so does Everybody Hurts), so I think I especially love this one because I know just how much potential is has to be helpful to me in the future. "If this world makes you crazy and you've taken all you can, You call me up, because you know I'll be there," I love those lyrics, and agree that if this world makes me crazy and I've taken all I can, I can just pop in BEGIN. and David will be there.

Pride (In The Name Of Love) - Another upbeat song! This song is pretty different from what I'd imagine David singing, and I love it. I love the sort of raspiness in his voice, like that time he sang a little bit of "Maybe I'm Amazed." It's hot. And the one lyric, "One man betrayed with a kiss," oh my heck the way he says 'kiss' kills me every time.

Be Still My Soul - I love this one because I just know the deep connection David has with the song, and how it's the closest song to understanding David's decision to go on a mission. There's a certain divineness that can be felt throughout the whole song, and David's voice is just amazing as usual.

I love this entire album. From the B in Beautiful to the period at the end of BEGIN. There's not one song on the album I don't like. These are helpful, easy-listening songs that David obviously chose for a reason. This album will cheer you up and even give you a confidence boost when needed. It's probably his best album vocally, and honestly one of my favorite alums of David's so far.

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  1. awesome review, thanks! I love the entire album too (big surprise, lol)!

    Also love your new banner, looks great!