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Chasing Josh Bradley, Josh's outfit on Nandito Ako!

And how David and Bryce Avery met... Select-O-Hits: 
What was it like working with David Archuleta of American Idol and how did this alliance come about?
Oh man, he’s such a good kid – a good dude – a tremendous vocalist. I actually ran into him – it’s so weird man! I had this really weird thing happen one night where I was hanging out with friends and somehow we ended up bumping into Paula Abdul. And long story short – and of the weirdest things I could explain – but Paula Abdul ended up in my rental car with me in a parking garage – and we listened to my entire record Of Men And Angels. And then the very next night was the American Idol finale – and I was in the studio making a song called The Fight. And I got invited to that, and I was like “Well I can’t go, but maybe I’ll try to go to the after party.” I had to work. So I went to the after party and I ran into David Archuleta. It was a really humbling experience and flattering at the same time, because a lot of those American Idol people were coming up and wanting to take photos and stuff – which I thought was kind of the most surreal thing because I’m not famous or anything. But it really put even more into perspective how crazy that American Idol thing is, because it’s literally just guys and girls that go to shows that have great vocals – they tried out and made it onto the show and within a couple of months they’re superstars. And so I was meeting a bunch of thoseAmerican Idol people, and they were explaining how they had been to a bunch of Rocket Summer shows. And David Archuleta was a big fan. He just asked me if I would ever write a song for him, and I had never really done that. It was a cool experience to put myself in somebody else’s shoes and try to write a totally different song for his demographics. He came over to my house. We went and ate Thai food and wrote a little pop jam. And it was fun! (Editor’s Note: The song was called Stomping The Roses)

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And it's Photo Shoot week on the David Archuleta 50 Week Tumblr Challenge! 

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