Saturday, April 21, 2012

Forevermore iTunes Buying Party on Monday!

UPDATE: The date for this iTunes Buying Party is being postponed for the time being. We do plan to have a buying party, and we'll keep everyone informed of when we plan to do it. Thanks everyone and for now, don't forget to keep promoting the OPM!

Ok everyone, let's get "Forevermore" (THE SONG) in the Top 10 on iTunes! 

You're all invited to our Forevermore iTunes Buying Party this Monday, April 23rd! 
At 8pm EST, everyone will purchase "Forevermore" on iTunes. 
Also be sure to spread the word on twitter and facebook and post links to Forevermore on iTunes!

So, who's in? Let's get "Forevermore" high on the iTunes charts!

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