Saturday, April 7, 2012

DA2014 Fit Club!

Message from Lisa, Pattie and MaryLou:

A few weeks ago, the three of us decided that we had had enough of going it alone in our fitness and healthy eating plans and decided to give ourselves encouragement through tweets. We used those messages to keep us going on the treadmill, track, park, or in the gym! We tweeted our daily fitness plans, our results, our disappointments and gave each other encouragement.

Fitness plans included anything from daily walks, fitness tips, meals, runs, etc. Soon our little club expanded to include Penny, Deb, and Tina. There was no formula and no criteria to encouragement: just daily motivation, cheerleading, commiseration if needed, and renewal of commitment for the next day. We also shared food ideas and specific exercises that we enjoyed. There is no shortage of motivation out there for increasing your fitness level, but doing it with fellow David fans, with members of our FanFamily, was particularly fun for all of us.

Yesterday, Lisa tweeted about our informal Club to Kari and the interest in the effort grew. As a result, and the fact that we were limited to 140 characters in tweeting each other, we could no longer use everyone's name in our tweets, so.....we got our own Twitter handle.... @DA2014FitClub

We encourage anyone who would like support from other David Archuleta fans and want to make fitness part of your Two Year Plan (your TYP) to follow! The Club is for fun and encouragement, and nothing more, to help get us all moving and healthier together. Tweet your fitness goals, your activities, your healthy habits to the Twitter handle. Offer support to others. RT the tweets that are motivating to you! You will also see tweets from the account with encouragement. But we have benefited in incorporating fitness into our lifestyle and we want to continue with all of you! Can't beat those endorphins!

There is no competition intended. You can be at any level of fitness and from anywhere in this FanFamily to join in! Make this what you want it to be. We just want to share a positive idea to keep us all motivate for the next 2 years and beyond!

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