Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank You David Week from DAMS!


The David Archuleta Music Scholarship has named this week of the campaign,
Thank You David Week.
This is a way for fans to say "thank you" to David for everything he's done for us.
We will be posting a new category each day, and we encourage EVERYONE to tweet or comment about something specific to that category for which you are thankful. Be sure to include @DavidArchie when sending a tweet so he's able to see all that his fans are
thankful for!

Monday ---- Thank You David for your Music/Performances

~Thank You David -- for “CRUSH” and “MY KIND OF PERFECT”.
~Thank You David---for your “MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS TOUR” 2011

Tuesday---Thank You David for your Quotes and Tasks

Thank You David ---for sharing quotes: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you
Thank You David ---for your task of visiting a person you've never met.

Wednesday---Thank You David for your Tweets.

Thank You David--- for your tweet about "true love".
Thank You David ---for your tweet about the “Hush Cats”!

Thursday---Thank You David for your Vlogs

Thank You David--- for your vlog about "Meeting Marius".
Thank You David--- for singing “Ribbon in the Sky” in your vlog.

Friday---Thank You David for your Inspiration---Charities

Thank You David ---for your work with Children's Miracle Network
Thank you David--- for giving to others…sharing your trip to RSO in India .
Thank You David--- for inspiring others to do good things…by your example.
David gives so much of his time and talents to his fans, so why not say "thank you" by honoring him & giving the gift of music to aspiring music students at Murray HS? This will help in giving students the opportunity to live out their dreams as David is doing.
Gifting Others….is Gifting David

Please click on the scholarship link below to donate. Thank you!
@DAScholarship ~ Twitter

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