Saturday, March 17, 2012

DA2014 campaign merchandise now available!

To fully support the #DA2014 We Will Be Here Campaign, I'm excited to unveil a merchandise line that, once again, unites all of use together in support of David over the next 2 years. As you can see the message is simple... #DA2014.

The shirt does not have David's full name anywhere on it. So, when wearing or carrying your #DA2014 gear you may be asked what the meaning of this slogan or logo is. Take that opportunity to hand over that CD you always carry in your purse or car just in case you run across someone that has never heard David's voice. Or just let them know in your own words what it means to you in terms of supporting David.

As you can also see the site is a Facebook page. Marshmallow Dreams is a local company that I worked with in creating all of the Nandito Ako Viewing Party items as well as the #DA2014 merchandise I had for the same event. They do beautiful work, have quality products and are going to donate 10% of all merchandise sold back to the #DA2014 We Will Be Here Campaign which will then be donated to ChildFund International in David's name. ChildFund International is the organization that David had join him on his My Kind of Christmas Tour over the holidays

This company also ships internationally so no one will be excluded. All of the shirts are vinyl heat pressed. The color options, size options and price are in the comment section when you click on each item. The ordering instructions are directly on the page itself. You do have to be logged into your Facebook to place your order in the comment section however if you do not have Facebook or Paypal you can phone in an order at (770) 405-8777 using a major credit card.

It was important to me that the global message of this campaign stay consistent... WE WILL BE HERE making a difference. Even if you do not purchase from this site you can still represent the campaign strong by making posters, changing your Twitter handle to #DA2014 or think of your own creative ways to support the #DA2014 We Will Be Here campaign. Everyone is included in this campaign so just be creative and have fun! I look forward to seeing everyone in the David fan community proudly representing this campaign in your own creative ways over the next 2 years as we come together to support the person that brought us all together in the first place... David Archuleta.
Click the image above to see the products and order information!

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