Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"He sparkles and shines like a star in heaven"

"Don't Let Go" from David's Debut Album at first hearing was not my favorite song. I only listened to this song when the entire album was playing while driving to work or around the house catching up on my Archie Duties! But a funny thing happened one night at one of David's concert; it hit me that this was one of the most edgy melodies and trades vocal gymnastics for pure power. It serves well to display the purity and power of his golden vocals. The heartbreak in his eyes and body language give us an insight to the passion he feels when he sings this song. It is now one of my top song choices.

His face revealed such intensity and on occasion while watching him he sparkles and shines like a star in heaven. My heart and head sometimes spins with memories of the first time he sang "Heaven" and how much he has developed as an artist. Whenever I read a post from a fan that just saw him in concert I am jealous that I wasn't there to see what they see. He belongs on stage that is his home now. In a sea of faces I can only hope he sees his most ardent fans and knows his music has touched us hypnotized and mesmerized us.

David Archuleta just gets better and better with experience and still has so much more to show us. David puts me in mind of that Dream-Sickle we would get from the ice cream truck as kids. As you enjoyed the outside layer you knew in time you would reach the inner core and the best part was savored until the next Dream-Sickle was experienced. I can't wait for the next experience.

Fans around the world are waiting for David Archuleta's 2011 Concert Tour and are willing to travel to far off places to attend his live events. Nothing can really compare to the experience of watching David perform right in front of you surrounded by cheering fans.
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