Monday, February 21, 2011

Beloved He Who Supplants Wild Place Where Oak Trees Grow

Wondering what that title means?

Well it's the meaning of all three of David's names combined.

I was looking up the meaning of names with one of my friends yesterday. And got bored today and decided to look up David's. I just googled "Meaning of ___" and wah lah, I got an answer.

His first name, David means Beloved. Which I find amazing and very true about him. He is beloved. Especially by all of us <3

And then his middle name James apparently means He who supplants. lol. If you're like me, and had no idea what supplants means, I googled that as well. And it apparently means "to take the place or move into the position of"

And his last name was a bit more trickey to find the meaning of. But, apparently Archuleta means Wild place where Oaks grow.

Now am I the only one that laughed and thought of "and remember, even when you can't sing, you can always plant a tree..." from the last line in COS, reading his last name.

It's just perfect!

So, basically David's entire name David James Archuleta means Beloved He Who Supplants Wild Place Where Oak Trees Grow, or if we want to say it in simpler terms. He is a beloved person who takes the place of the wild place where oak trees grow.

Hmmm... interesting right?

You guys should all figure out your names and leave them in the comments (don't worry you don't need to tell us your last name)

But my name Honey Bee Star of The Sea Rock HAHAH.

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